The African Family Resource International (AFRI) mission began as the dream of Asuquo Moses Akpan. Asuquo had a desire to help people in his home village and the surrounding communities in Southern Nigeria. His dream was to build a medical treatment center and additional supporting infrastructure for these villages.

In 2003 construction of the medical center began, brick by brick. The center was officially opened in December, 2006. This 20,000 square foot facility serves the health care needs of numerous orphans and families.

During this time, a school, the Children of Life Center, was built and began accepting students in 2005. By 2007, attendance reached over 300. The school was renamed the Christian Entrepreneur and Leadership Academy (CELA).

Other AFRI projects erupted across the village as the mission became more successful. A Women for Christ Ministry, was established in 2008, as well as a maternity ward in the hospital in 2009. A Mobil Medical Clinic began in 2007 that includes staff and a vehicle that travels to other rural areas to provider treatment to those who cannot make the trek to the hospital. Additionally, a loan program was established 2002, assisting villagers in times of need. All AFRI functions are approved and inspected by the appropriate state governing boards.

Reminiscing of the whole experience, Asuquo states, “Armed with almost no resources but humility, prayers and determination, AFRI launched the Christian Family Mission of Nigeria. It began as “A leap of faith, trusting God to make the dream come true. Truly, the dream has come true. Only in America can its children dream and have the opportunity to make the dream come true, and we give praises to God who makes it all possible”.

Over the past ten years AFRI has been involved in the following programs for the rural communities:

  • Micro Loans
  • A medical clinic of 50 beds
  • In-house laboratory diagnostic services
  • Adult health care
  • Maternal and child health
  • Labor and delivery
  • Renew vision program (Lions Partnership through Bill Newman of Colorado Springs)
  • Mobile medical clinic
  • A school – from nursery to 5th grade - includes feeding children
  • Leadership training
  • Community Health Care workshops
  • Water well at Mission Center - source of water to villagers
  • Rapha International


  • Financial Gifts
  • Sponsor a Child
  • Computers, software, medical equipment
  • Medical supplies (consumables)
  • File folders
  • School supplies (1st - 6th grade)
  • Vitamins

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